An Analysis (Thesis)


1.1.The Background of the Study
Sentence according to Oxford Dictionary (2000 : 12) is a set of words expressing a statement, a question or an order, usually containing a subject and a verb. A sentence usually begins with a capital letter and with a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.
The term of sentence is widely used to refer to quite different types of unit, grammatically; it is a unit which starts with a capital letter and come between full stop. Based o Frank (2010), there are four types of sentence: simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence and compound complex sentence.
Newspaper is one of media of communication which the information transferred in a form of written language. As a medium communication, newspaper has an important role in delivering its idea towards readers. The Jakarta Post is a daily English language news paper in Indonesia with an average circulation of around 50.000 copies; it is the large English language newspaper in Indonesia. This news paper is good for the beginner reader to develop their reading ability because information is more interesting and to attract reader’s attention.
In fact, there are many readers find difficulties to recognize the purpose of the whole text, to see how a text organized, to understand the relationship between sentences and to get the message of a text. Sometimes the readers read a text separately or skipped a text. Some readers can overcome their problem in reading a text, because they have good vocabulary and more information about a text they have read. It’s support the reader easily understand a text. But the problem comes from the beginner readers, especially when they read an English text. They will get confused in understand a text, they never see and observe about the classification the sentence in the news paper text because they just concern to read the information which has been happened around the world.
The researcher takes the sentence class so by knowing it they can understand a text easily and get the writer’s purpose in a text. The formal classification of sentences is traditionally in grammatical studies undertaken according to the number and class (main and subordinate) of clause they contain grammatically, a sentence consist of one or more clauses which are interrelated on a coordinate or subordinate basis, given that, in term of meaning, each clause expresses an idea or proposition. Then what the sentence does is to express one or more idea or propositions. Here the writer wants to convey a research of a type and use of sentence in articles in Jakarta Post.

1.2.The Problem of the Study
Based on the background of the study, the problem of this study is formulated as the following:
1.      What type / class are dominantly used in the article Jakarta Post?
2.      How many kinds of sentence class used in the article of Jakarta Post?
3.      Why is it dominantly used in the article of Jakarta Post?

1.3.The Objective of the Study
In relation to the problems, the objective of this study are :
1.      To derive the dominant type / class of sentence which are used in the article of Jakarta Post
2.      To derive kinds of sentence class used in the article of Jakarta Post
3.      To reason for the use of the dominant sentence in the article of Jakarta Post

1.4.The scope of the study
Jakarta Post newspaper is the most popular one of newspaper in Indonesia and espescially in Medan, it is one of newspaper published in English language. This study is focused to describe the class / type and uses of sentence to class.

1.5.The Significant of the Study
The finding of the study are expected to be useful for
1.      The students especially the student of SMK N 1 Peusangan Bireuen Aceh  to enlarge their knowledge about sentence. It is hoped by knowing sentence help them to understand the classification of a text easily.
2.      The reader in order to get more information about sentence especially those used in the article of Jakarta Post.

3.      The researchers who want to enrich their knowledge about sentence in an article or text.

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